Mar 5, 2012

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What to Take and Why?

So what supplements do I take to help me with my weight loss? This is just one of many questions you get as a retailer each and every day. At this time of the year gyms and health food stores are packed with people trying to reach their physical goals. Whether it’s losing weight, putting on muscle or the middle aged man or woman trying to feel and look good again, they want to know where to put their money.

With so many “Diet Trends” out at this time, people want to know what to take to go along with what they are eating to achieve their goals in the shortest amount of time. So with the general public wanting to know what to take, I went to the “Professor” Mr. Scott Francis. Scott is one of our top salesmen for Europa and one of the most knowledgeable when it comes to what to take as far as supplementation is concerned.

So we put our heads together and came up with a chart of four different categories that your customer may fall into. You’ll notice that Protein, BCAA’s, Vitamin D, and Fish Oils fall into every category that we have listed. Why these four essential and basic supplements?


Protein with both Whey & Casein

Whey is a fast acting protein that the body can use rather quickly. Casein is a more time-released protein that is important to take because as your metabolic rate is high long after a workout, the Casein will be there to assist in recovery.



I could write a 500 word essay on BCAA’s, but to conclude BCAA’s are the “building blocks” of the body. 35 percent of your muscle mass is made up of BCAA’s and this supplement must be present for muscular growth to take place. BCAA’s also must be present in the process of repairing tissues and for the formation of antibodies. Plus they are part of the hormonal system. “Need I say more?”


Vitamin D

Studies are now showing that 40% of all Americans are deficient in Vitamin D. This Vitamin is important for the absorption of calcium and in helping to form strong bones. Recently, research also suggests that Vitamin D may provide protection from osteoporosis, high blood pressure, cancer, and several autoimmune diseases.


Fish Oil

Most health professionals agree that this omega-3 fatty acid has an array of health benefits. Mainly, it is the motor oil of the body when it comes to helping your joints move smoothly. It is also great for the immune system. Below is a chart that may help you in giving out the basics of nutritional supplementation when it comes to the many different areas and goals pertaining to their individual needs. You may add to or even take away what you believe to be the products YOUR customer’s desire and even demand!

Supplementation Chart

Chip Sigmon

Europa Sports Products Fitness/Wellness Coordinator

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach Appalachian State University 1984-1990

Strength & Conditioning Coach Charlotte Hornets NBA team 1990-2001

Certified NSCA


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