Dec 7, 2009

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Three Point Shot

Three Point ShotDear Europaman, 

I own a couple Smoothie businesses that are inside a chain of gyms. Intramural Basketball is starting up again and I’m getting more players coming to me before and after games asking what they should take. Do you have any recommendations? 

Lloyd C. – Store Owner


Thanks for the question. I’d first like to say that you’re in a great position. Not too many businesses have the chance to immediately reach their target customer like you can. Secondly, you have the chance to really get to know your customers, and specifically base your supplement recommendations on what they did that day. Ok, let’s get to the good stuff. To make things simple, I’m going to put Basketball players in the same category as endurance athletes (you’ll see). Then, I’ll give you three factors to focus on when recommending supplements, and give you options on what to sell them.




Basketball players are constantly running up and down the court, sometimes running between 2-4 miles a game. So they’re actually more comparable to the people in the cardio rooms hitting the treadmills or ellipticals. 

Sell Them: products that have a higher Carbohydrate to Protein ratios.




An overlooked factor in smart supplementation is the timing of when your muscles can get back what they just lost. The sooner you can feed your muscles, the quicker they’ll recover. 

Sell Them: products that can be absorbed quickly, like drinks, gels and powders.




Your customers aren’t looking to stick around after they buy something. They have families to get back to, errands to run, shows to watch, etc. So more than likely they’ll be eating or drinking whatever you give them before they even walk out the door, or finish it off in their car. 

Sell Them: products that are easily carried. The best things will be add-to-water powder packets, small liquid shots, drinks, gels and bars.


Lloyd, make sure you ask your sales rep for more specific recommendations, or even check out our Grab & Go catalog. The featured products on the side of each page will be a perfect quick reference for you. It will tell you what’s hot, and even give you nutritional facts. That catalog is entirely focused on impulse and convenient items for your store – that’s exactly what your customers are looking for!


Yours in Good Health,


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