Dec 5, 2012

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The New Years Hooks

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Go to the parking lot of any gym in January and you’ll have a hard time finding a space. Workout facilities are packed in the early part of the year with people chasing that New Year’s resolution to get fit.

Of course not everyone will be around in a few months-some studies show that less than 25 percent of resolution makers actually stick to them. So how do you keep them coming back as the newness of the new year wears off? Here are a few tips to help convert those resolution-chasers into loyal customers:


Intro Courses

Prepare for those gym newbies with introductory classes-How to Use Gym Equipment, Healthy Eating 101, What To Expect When You Start Exercising, etc. Don’t cover too much in one course, so they can sign up for multiple courses over an extended period of time.


Offer Resolution Rewards

Launch some specials in January with a payoff in March. You could offer discounts on future gym classes if they complete one, or free/discounted products (think: smoothies, gym clothing, additional classes) for those that work hard for them. Make the rewards worth sticking around for!


Tie Rewards to Accountability

Have your new members put their name on a resolution board. Each day they come in for a workout they get another tally mark or sticker. Think of those slowly filling thermometers people use during fundraisers (it might sound childish, but it works!). You can game-ify and incentivize workouts by offering more points for certain classes or certain exercises. Then treat the points as a type of currency, good for discounts on products or more courses. Put it on display for others to see to encourage participation and competition.


Create an Encouraging Environment

Sure, it might be easy to hit the gym early on, when everyone is doing it, but as the months melt away it can be harder to stick with it. That goes double for those that don’t see results as fast as they might like. Make sure your facility and staff encourages and welcomes newcomers. A friendly smile and a few encouraging words can go a long way.

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