May 24, 2012

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The Durbin Amendment

“Update! In another victory for Natural Products Association (NPA) members and the industry, the Durbin Amendment has been defeated with the U.S. Senate approving Senator Tom Harkin’s motion to table the Durbin amendment by a final vote of 77-20.” Read more here..


Urgent: Voice Your Opinion (By 2PM EST Today) On Durbin’s Amendment No. 2127!


Dear Valued Europa Partner,

Europa is committed to protecting the rights of our partners. Right now, there is legislation in the works that could impact your business. It’s called the Durbin Amendment and it’s being voted on at 2pm today!

What is the Durbin Amendment? It’s an anti-supplement amendment (No. 2127) to the FDA Safety and Innovation Act (S.3187). This amendment imposes additional regulations and places extra administrative processes on dietary supplement manufacturers and the FDA. Ultimately, if it passes, this amendment could impact every aspect of the industry: businesses, products, customers and jobs.

There is already a system in place to ensure the safety of supplements. Let’s protect it.

To learn more or take immediate action:

Click here or Call 202-224-3121

Yours in Good Health,

Eric & Jeff

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