Mar 2, 2011

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The Best of the Best 2011


Europa has always put an emphasis on creating and maintaining relationships. Many of our sales consultants will tell you that they don’t just have customers…they have friends. Combined with customer relationships they have a passion for the industry, Europa Sports, and most of all helping their clients grow their business. All of these attributes equal consultants that exemplify the outstanding expertise contributing to a reputation of being the best of the best.

And, like any good friend, Europa Sports consultants’ primary focus is to help the clients do well. You can rely on this relationship and each consultant’s passion for the industry to help your business grow.

Our awards ceremony is held every year in conjunction with a conference exclusively for sales consultants that focuses on education, team building and how each sales rep can excel at Europa and in the industry. The conference culminates with awards given to select reps based on peer review, sales statistics and humanitarian efforts.

Keep reading for more information about our annual sales consultant honors and how they envision potential for you and others.


Europa Sales Consultant of the Year: BRYCE BLASKY

Bryce_BlaskyBryce Blasky has been part of the Europa team since 2000. For over 11 years Blasky has educated customers on supplements and been the friend, go-to guy, and consultant that many customers trust and depend on.

“Bryce has been working with our business since 2006. He’s been an integral part of taking our business to the next level. Besides helping our business grow by finding us the best deals, I’m fortunate enough to have a friendship that will be life-long.” states Bryce Purvis of

Europa’s “Sales Consultant of the Year” is not an award based on numbers, but more on a consultant’s work ethic and all-around qualities and traits that peers admire and respect. To put it simply, it’s based on everything else a consultant does that makes them a role model for the entire sales department and company.

Bryce Blasky had this to say about the award, “It’s an amazing feeling to make it to this point in a circle of consultants who are known as the best in the sports nutrition industry. I owe Linny Mac so much for giving me an opportunity to work with him and train under him for numerous years and that’s the reason I’m at the level I am with my career.”


Rookie of the Year: JASON REDDICK

Jason_ReddickThe “Rookie of the Year” award is bestowed upon a consultant that’s been in Sales between 6 to 17 months. This award is based on average sales rankings for the duration of time the consultant has been in Sales.

Europa’s “Rookie of the Year” is Jason Reddick. A former Police Officer and Firefighter, Reddick joined Europa in 2009 in Sales.

“Winning the ‘Rookie of the Year’ award was definitely the highlight of my first year here at Europa. I never knew my peers and supervisors were judging my progress and work ethic for such an award. I just knew I was giving 100% and hoped it was enough to earn the respect of the best sales team around. I’m blessed to work for the BEST company in the industry!”

From Sales Manager Justin Weeks, “We would like to congratulate Jason Reddick on winning our ‘Rookie of The Year Award’ for 2010. Jason started in our Sales department one year ago and since then has truly embraced the Europa way of life. Each month he continues to grow not only in Sales, but in many other aspects of his job. We look forward to Jason continuing his pattern of growth for many years to come.”


Field Consultant of the Year Award: KRIS MURRELL

Kris_MurrellThe “Field Consultant of the Year” award was given to California’s Kris Murrell. This award is based on total stores and gyms visited, new accounts opened, increase in sales of visited accounts, and best communication inside and outside the company.

“When employees and employers have a commitment to one another, everyone benefits! Europa has been in business for over 20 years and continues to sustain a level of loyalty to the industry and their employees. I know that Europa Sports Products will always be dedicated to what we’re trying to accomplish and it’s such an honor to be a part of an amazing company. I consider this award, not an award of achievement, but an induction to a life long family,” states Murrell.

According to Sales Manager Rick Hurd, “We would like to congratulate Kris Murrell on winning our ‘Field Consultant of the Year’ Award for 2010. Kris has worked extremely hard to service each customer in her portion of southern California. Over the past year, this area saw an increase of 47% over the previous year and continues to be a key area of growth for the overall market. Kris has done a great job building relationships with customers and vendors, as well as, positioning herself as a true resource.”


Linny Mac Humanitarian Award: BRIAN GARHART

Brian_GarhartThis is the third year for the “Linny Mac Humanitarian Award”, that was named after Sales Consultant Lin McAteer, who passed away in 2008. Lin did many noble activities; more than can be mentioned here, but a few notable stories include anonymously paying for a disabled boy’s gym membership who couldn’t afford it. Another story was when Lin heard of a gentleman who had a history of drug and alcohol abuse and started training at one of the gyms where Lin was a member. Lin started training and counseling him. The gentlemen beat his addictions and ended up becoming a minister. Lastly, Lin had over 30 gym memberships when he passed. A testament to the fact that he always believed in “paying it forward” to his customers, friends and people he didn’t even know. Based on these qualities, the third annual “Linny Mac Humanitarian Award” was awarded to sales consultant, Brian Garhart. Brian has embodied many of the traits that the award was founded upon.

Brian won the award based on his volunteering at Autism Services of Mecklenburg County (ASMC). ASMC is a private, not-for-profit organization offering residential and support services for residents of North Carolina with Autism, Traumatic Brain Injuries and other developmental disabilities. Brian has worked every other weekend for over 10 years as a Habitat Technician in a group home. He has encouraged and assisted adults at ASMC to become more independent in their daily lives as well as participate more fully in their community. Linny_Mac_Award“I consider the residents at the home I work at to be my second family. I’m personally attached to the people that I work with there and get more out of working with them than they probably get from me. It’s a rewarding experience to help them.”

According to Eric Hillman, Europa Sports CEO, “Brian continuously gives to his community, customers and family just like Linny did. Brian inspires us all with his personal generosity and commitment. It’s an honor to give the Linny Mac award to Brian.”

From Brian himself, “The Linny Mac Award is a tremendous honor because Linny had the mentality to give and expect nothing in return. That’s a quality I deeply admire and this award will remind me of the type of man I would like to be.”

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