Sep 15, 2007

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Protein Price Increases

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Dear Europaman,

What’s with all these protein price increases? Is OPEC setting the price of protein these days?

Sara T.,

Retail store owner



Some of you may not be aware of the volatile increases in costs for whey protein that has taken place over the last six months. Raw, unprocessed and unflavored whey protein powder has had a cost increase of over 200% since January. According to the Wall Street Journal, here are contributing factors:

• Increase in demand for US milk by the international community

• Decrease in production of milk by the international community

• Inclusion of milk/whey protein into pet foods and in higher concentrations for baby formulas & geriatric nutrition

• Increase in demand for milk proteins for candy makers and suppliers of dairy products

• Increase in demand for corn as an alternate fuel source (corn is a basic feed source for cows)

• Higher petroleum fuel costs (which affect transportation, plastics for storage and shipping, etc)

What does all this mean? Well, what used to be considered garbage or left over waste from the manufacturing of dairy products (cheese, butter, etc) 10 years ago has now become a world recognized staple in sensible nutrition for all ages (excluding the candy bars and ice cream of course). Whey protein is getting and will continue to get easier to find on the grocery store shelves. But consumers who have been on board with this product from the beginning are looking to pay almost double what they did a year ago. Added to this, it is estimated that the cost on whey protein raw materials will continue to increase through the end of the year.

I guess what I am really trying to say is this: When that special occasion like an anniversary or birthday rolls around and you are racking your brain for gift ideas, give what the whole world is clamoring for – whey protein. Gold has been done a gazillion times, and diamonds aren’t really that rare. But whey protein, well that stuff is pure monetary excitement in a bottle. Pick up a jug of your favorite protein and imagine the joy you’ll bring when you gift it to the one you love. Don’t wait. It’ll only cost you more later on.

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Enthusiatically yours,


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