Mar 27, 2013

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New 14 Day Fat Loss Kit by Gunnar Peterson

Courtesy of The Supplemented Life.

You can become a celebrity yourself by training one, and not just one but many, many. This is how Gunnar Peterson got so visible so quickly even though he’s been doing this for years. And now that he is in the spotlight, he released a simple, but powerfully designed program and included it free in his new supplement kit, 14 To Lean.

“14 to Lean is a complete state-of-the art product that includes 3 dietary supplement formulas along with an easy to follow 14 day program of dietary intakes, exercise routines and other key elements you will need to achieve optimal results. 14 to Lean provides both men and women with the same advanced fitness regimen and technology that Gunnar Peterson shares with top athletes, A-list celebrities, and people “in the spotlight” who need to look incredible in short notice.”

The Latest innovation in rapid anti-catabolic weight loss, formulated to specifically promote superior definition and fat loss in a period of 14 days!



The products come in a nice neat little box that has step by step instructions on how to use the supplements which include:

Weight Management Energy Catalyst

PM Appetite Supressant

Ultra Lean Finishing Compound

The labels of each are below:

14toLean Label

Note on Gunnar:

Gunnar Peterson is a Beverly Hills-based personal trainer whose clients include celebrities, professional athletes, and everyday people. He is widely recognized for his expertise in functional training, and his commitment to developing and implementing innovative fitness techniques.

With a client list as diverse as his training methods, Gunnar emphasizes strength training modalities that can be transferred from the gym to daily life, from training camp to championship. He has worked with athletes from the NBA, NHL, NFL, USTA, professional boxing and various NCAA sports. Many film and television celebrities who have sought Gunnar’s guidance in preparing for roles have then stayed on to become devoted clients, making him a part of their regular fitness regimen.

He is contributing editor for Glamour and has a recurring feature in L.A Confidential magazine. Gunnar is also regularly featured in Allure, Elle, In Style, In Touch, US Weekly and other magazines. His television appearances include The Today Show, CNN, and CNN Headline News.

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