Jun 1, 2011

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Marketing the Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle

thinkingEveryone knows about demographics. It’s a term used to describe a particular group of individuals to whom a product is geared. We-both us and you-are lucky enough to be involved in an industry that not only boasts great products, but products that truly do enhance the lives of the individuals we serve. Advertising the benefits of a product rather than simply its features is the key to making sure your marketing campaign is as successful as it can be. Our demographic, after all, is anyone who cherishes a healthy lifestyle.

Today more so than ever before, focusing on how your product(s) fits a consumer’s lifestyle is key. When marketing a health-oriented product to the general public, it’s important to remember that what really sells the item is the perceived effect it will have on the buyer. Note that, in television commercials, those models using the exercise equipment are usually the ones who need it least. The implication is, of course, that using the product will help you to look like a model. Results, after all, are what matter most.

In all your marketing, be sure to illustrate the effects your business-and the products you offer-will have on your customers’ lives. Take supplements, for example. What’s “in” it might help you decide to carry it, but it’s what that ingredient does for the end-user that sells it. While a product’s “details” (e.g., ingredients, servings, etc.) of course matter to the consumer, its effect can often be as important, if not more so. Your customers’ well-being is what drives your business.

Extolling the benefits of a product rather than simply listing its features can also help you grow your market share. How? Well, everyone wants to be healthy. The more ways you can show that your products help customers live healthier, more active lives, the more diverse clientele you’ll attract as they will think of your brand in ways they had not previously. Making a connection with your customers is essential to building brand loyalty. When they associate feeling good and looking great with your business, every “body” wins.

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