Sep 4, 2012

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Helping Your Business Grow


The fitness industry is all about goals. You set goals then track your progress to achieve them. Here at Europa Sports, we’re dedicated to helping our partners surpass their business goals. Our company began in 1990 with an entrepreneurial spirit and a vision. Today, we remain true to our roots-though they have spread nationwide. We always believe the best way to grow our business is to grow yours. Read on to learn the various ways Europa can partner with your business to help branch out your success.


From the small specialty health food boutique to the mass retail chain, we proudly partner with businesses of all sizes. Our sales reps are passionate about learning the unique needs of your business. We help you develop a product mix that best fits your target market. We also take into consideration your competition and the latest fitness trends. When it comes to your business, the only size we care about is the size of your growth.


Few things can strengthen your business like the power of information. Information is persuasive. Information is transformative. Information is what your customers expect. They rely on your expertise. They want your recommendations. They walk through your doors and expect you to know the latest trends. That’s why we create multiple ways to deliver product information to you. You can access the latest industry trends, topics, and key tips 24/7. Check out the latest product news through our quarterly catalogs, online articles, and become a fan of our Facebook page. Plus your sales rep is always just a call or click away.


One of our favorite ways to help your business grow is to help your people grow. Ask your sales representative about Europa University, a one-day accredited conference that emphasizes the latest scientific research behind the industry’s hottest topics. You should also encourage your team to regularly check out FlexTime, our free online magazine. It’s the most convenient way to find informative articles, business tips, industry trends and more.


These days, it seems everybody is in a rush. Perhaps that’s why the Grab & Go category is continually expanding and now includes a variety of drinks, bars, snacks, chews and more. To help your business capitalize on this growing customer trend, Europa Sports offers a convenient Cooler Program that takes care of all your sports beverage cooler needs. It’s easy to get involved once you partner with Europa. Call your sales rep and ask about this opportunity to give your business a big boost through incremental gains.


As your business partner, we’re always thinking of ways you can supplement your sales. But we also know another major component of growth is motivation. You can be sure that your personal sales rep is eager to provide the information and encouragement you need to achieve your long-term business goals. We’re here to help you remain committed and realize your biggest plans. You have a vision for your company and we want to make it a reality. Your success is truly our passion. Let’s grow together.

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