May 1, 2012

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Giant Sports Products LLC of Brick, New Jersey

Launches their First Product: Giant Sports Delicious Protein

Three experienced industry veterans from the packaged foods, sports nutrition and dietary supplement industries want to set the bar higher with the launch new company and product.

Brick, New Jersey (PRWEB)

Giant Sports Products, LLC of Brick, NJ announces the launch of their first dietary supplement for the Sports Nutrition Industry, Giant Sports Delicious Protein which is available in three delicious flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla and Cookies & Creme. Conveniently packaged in 2 and 5 pound containers, Giant is coming out of the gates hard with a whey and milk based protein powder that has a difficult to compete against macronutrient profile designed for discriminating, educated consumers. Each serving contains a whopping 27g of the highest quality whey & milk proteins with only 4 grams of carbohydrates and 2 grams of fat. Gluten free and with no added sugar – or maltodextrin – Giant’s new protein is sure to up the ante in what is already a very competitive market category. Giant also makes a rather bold claim that this product is “The Best Tasting Whey & Milk Protein Product Ever!”

Giant Quote“Giant Sports Delicious Protein represents the pinnacle and ultimate effort of the decades I have spent as a premier flavoring expert in the Sports Nutrition Industry,” says industry veteran Joe Babick, who in addition to flavoring this and all of the company’s future products will lead Giant’s marketing efforts, industry positioning, and sales team. “Quite simply, we could not have named this anything other than ‘Delicious Protein’ because that’s the first thing that you think of when it hits your palate. That this product tastes absolutely delicious. It has a deep and creamy texture that is entirely, fully satisfying. The product mixes in water almost effortlessly and it’s one of the very few whey and milk based protein products on the market that we expect people to actually look forward to drinking and truly enjoy.”

Venture capitalist and packaged foods mogul, Peter Jungsberger, who serves as the company’s Managing Partner had this to add, “This is only the first of what will be many ‘best in class’ products from Giant. As the world will soon invariably see, we have a corporate team of what essentially amounts to a ‘group of ringers’ from the Sports Nutrition Industry – I was very particular that the company recruit only the absolute top industry talent available for this venture and the results certainly show with Giant Sports Delicious Protein. An outstandingly delicious taste and texture along with a superior nutritional composition is what separates this from virtually every other product in the category. We fully expect this product will become a ‘must have’ staple not just for bodybuilders, but for all people who play team sports, compete in mixed martial arts and endurance sports and those seeking a little something to help with weight management issues. I am quite confident that this will be a popular product, not just with men, but with women too who compete in fitness and figure sports. This product is virtually a perfect start to what will surely be many more great products to follow.”

Giant has another long time respected industry expert on its corporate team in Bruce Kneller, universally recognized as one of the most innovative formulators in the history of the Sports Nutrition Industry. “This was actually quite a challenging project to pull off,” says Kneller, “due to limited supply and increasing demand for whey and milk based protein in China, India and from the rapidly growing domestic Greek Yogurt Market, virtually every other company in the industry is essentially diluting their protein powders with cheap sugars and carbohydrates as the price of whey and milk based protein skyrocket and will only continue to increase in the ensuing months. Either that or they are looking outside of traditional dairy based proteins to the less desirable and cheaper protein sources. These proteins are much cheaper than whey and milk proteins allowing these companies to preserve profit margins. However just about all of these non-dairy based proteins are in my opinion, incomplete proteins not really suitable for a market segment ostensibly associated with optimizing health and performance.”

Giant Sports Products is also claiming another Sports Nutrition ‘first’ – that their product is perhaps the only whey and milk based protein powder to be reviewed and approved for safety by a board certified physician licensed to practice medicine in the United States. “I have reviewed Giant Sports Delicious Protein,” says Stephen Schmitz, MD, MPH who is co-founder of the consulting firm, Supplement Safety Solutions LLC, “and it is my opinion that the product is safe when used as directed and I fully approve of its use.” Dr. Schmitz sits on Giant Sports Products Strategic & Scientific Advisory Board along with Dr. Doug Kalman, one of the co-founders of the prestigious International Society of Sports Nutrition and an Adjunct Professor teaching Graduate Sports Nutrition at the Robert Stempel School of Public Health at Florida International University. “As a matter of company policy, each and every product that Giant Sports Products intends to market must be reviewed and approved for safety by a board certified and licensed physician,” says Peter Jungsberger, “this is just one of many integral parts of our ongoing commitment to developing and selling what we feel are ‘best products’ in their respective categories. We feel it doesn’t matter what the product claims to do or actually does if there is not a high reasonable expectation of safety.” Giant Sports Products are distributed by Europa Sports Products ( or tel# 800-447-4795) in the United States. Go to for further information about the company and it’s forthcoming line of dietary supplement products.

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