May 24, 2012

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Europa Helps Students Exercise Their Brainpower

Using Stability Balls as Chairs in Class

As the nation’s leading sports supplement distributor, Europa Sports knows how to navigate the complex interplay between brain and body. That’s why Europa welcomes every opportunity to educate others about healthy living. When sixth grade middle school teacher, Mrs. McKenna, approached Europa with a student wellness experiment, Europa was on the ball-and eager to strengthen young minds through fitness.

With Europa’s help, Mrs. McKenna set out to study the effects of replacing classroom chairs with stability balls. Europa donated 30 Valeo Body Balls for the study, which not only fosters wellness but also increases student learning.

Students are glued to their desks approximately seven hours a day. That’s 35 hours a week. Any teacher will tell you that students tend to slouch in their chairs. This makes Valeo Body Balls an effective solution for improving posture. But the benefits don’t stop there.

Traditionally, Europa encourages the use of stability balls as a means to strengthen core muscles in the back and abdomen. But a growing body of research affirms that exercise balls also have a positive impact on teaching and learning. In fact, a study conducted by the Mayo Clinic found students utilizing exercise balls in place of chairs were able to focus better in class.

Sitting on a ball provides students with tactile stimulation and the opportunity to actively work on their balance, which increases blood flow and ultimately improves concentration levels. Mrs. McKenna corroborates this finding, stating that now her lessons are taught in a much calmer environment.

Europa is proud to have helped get the ball rolling for this unique experiment. The early success of the study resulted in Mrs. McKenna’s principal requesting that the stability balls become permanent classroom fixtures. Europa’s donation helps ensure the middle school students will have an ongoing opportunity to exercise their brainpower’and balance their learning with healthy habits.

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