Jun 1, 2011

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Melted Bars

Dear Europaman,

Last summer, I ordered a bunch of protein bars from some other distributor. With it being as hot as it is here, they of course melted before we even got them. What is your suggestion to get bars during the summer that aren’t a gooey mess?

Gene S., Retail Store Owner

Scottsdale, AZ



Wow-I bet they were a mess, there is nothing quite like melted protein bars, is there? Luckily, we here at Europa recognize your dilemma. So to prevent you from wasting money on bars you won’t be able to sell, we offer cold pack shipping all year.

Starting at a $9.00 charge, we will ship your bars with a cold pack. Living in the Southwest in the summer months, you’ve got to know it’s not a luxury-it’s a necessity. Shipping with the cold pack is the best way to prevent “meltage”-BAR NONE.

Yours in Good Health,


P.S. Email europaman@europasports.com with questions.

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