Jun 1, 2010

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Ask Europaman – Crash Course on Gluten

Dear Europaman,

It seems like every other person coming into my store is asking about Gluten Free products or a Gluten-Free diet. To be honest, I know hardly anything about Gluten itself, so I’m in no position to recommend things for someone on a Gluten-Free diet. Can you give me a crash course on Gluten, the current Gluten- Free trend, and tell me where I can find supplements that are Gluten-Free?

Donato B.


Well, plain and simple gluten is a protein found in plants from the grass family including barley, rye, spelt, and oats. If you’re wondering if you’ve eaten this protein before, chances are you have… this morning. Gluten and its derivatives are hidden in pizza, pasta, bread, wraps, rolls, most processed foods, and basically most of the staples we eat on a daily basis.


Gluten Intolerance

More and more people are finding (through medical tests or trial and error) that this little protein can cause some serious health concerns. If you have a gluten intolerance, or celiac disease, your body is unable to digest gluten. Consuming gluten may result in symptoms such as cramping, bloating, gas, and diarrhea. The only treatment is to eliminate gluten from your diet. Gluten consumption isn’t just limited to foods and you have some medicines, toothpastes, and even lipsticks that contain it, elimination can be a difficult task.


Gluten-Free Supplements

Companies in the supplement industry are paying attention to the gluten-free trend and are releasing products to fit that diet choice. Unfortunately, since the FDA is currently in the process of streamlining the gluten-free labeling statements, there isn’t one specific thing to look out for. The best tip you can give your customers is to tell them to read the labels carefully and look for these key words: “Gluten-Free”, “No gluten,” “Free of gluten,” “Without gluten,” or “Made in a gluten-free facility.” In the US and Canada, food manufacturers must list whether a product has any of the most common allergens.


Finding Gluten-Free Products on EuropaSports.com

To find specific products we carry that are gluten-free, you can use our advanced search tool on EuropaSports.com and search for “Gluten- Free”. Just remember, like any search engine, it will pull results that contain the individual word “Gluten” and the word “Free”. With that being said, not all products that populate on the search will actually be “Gluten-Free”. Read the details section after clicking a product to make sure it mentions one of the key words above. To narrow down your search even more, I’ve listed the vendors we currently carry that have gluten-free products. With the gluten-free demand booming I’m sure the list will grow, so make sure you’re getting the latest product releases by signing up for our ‘What’s In Store Emails’. Send an email to [email protected]to get started.

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Yours in Good Health,



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