Mar 5, 2010

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Annual Europa Awards Ceremony

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Europa has always put an emphasis on relationships. Many of our sales consultants will tell you that they don’t just have customers…they have friends. Combined with customer relationships is a passion for the industry, Europa Sports, and most of all helping their clients grow their business. All of these attributes equal consultants that exemplify the outstanding expertise that contributes to them being the best of the best.

Our awards ceremony is held every year in conjunction with a conference exclusively for sales consultants that focuses on education, team building and how each sales rep can excel at Europa

and in the industry. The conference culminates with awards given to select reps based on peer review, sales statistics and humanitarian efforts.

Keep reading for more information about our annual sales consultant honors and how they envision potential for you and others.


Mike Thornton

Europa Sales Consultant of the Year:


Mike Thornton has been part of the Europa team since 2000. For over 10 years Thornton has educated customers on supplements and been the friend, go-to guy, and consultant that many customers trust and depend on.

“Cape Cod Nutrition has worked with Mike Thornton for about 6 years. I don’t think my business would be as successful as it is today without Mike and Europa.” states James Carron, owner of Cape Cod Nutrition. “Mike is the most dependable and knowledgeable rep I’ve dealt with.”

Europa’s “Sales Consultant of the Year” is not an award based on numbers but more on a consultant’s work ethic and all-around qualities and traits that peers admire and respect. To put it simply, it’s based on everything else a consultant does that makes them a role model for the entire sales department and company. Mike Thornton had this to say about the award, “I have been very blessed and fortunate to have been the recipient of several awards over the past few years, but being Salesman of the year is the Grand Daddy of them all. You’re always appreciative when other department heads notice your efforts, but when you have the backing, support and respect of your own it’s a completely different ball game. To be considered as one of the anchors of what I believe is the best sales team in our industry is an honor and something that I will never take lightly. This by far has been the best year for me as an individual and Europa as a whole. It’s now time to do it again, but even better. Thank you all again.”


Ryan Patton

Rookie of the Year:


The Rookie of the Year award is bestowed upon a consultant that’s been in Sales between 6 to 17 months. This award is based on average sales rankings for the duration of time the consultant has been in Sales.

Europa’s Rookie of the Year is Ryan Patton. A former Pro Wrestler, Ryan joined Europa in 2007 and started as a Warehouse Associate and then moved up to Customer Service. He then moved to Sales in 2009. According to Ryan, winning the award was an extreme honor.

“This award signifies what great customers I have and all the mentoring I have received from the consultants that have come before me. Without successful customers, who work hard to keep their business growing, and without successful consultants who have paved the way for us younger guys to make our mark in the industry, none of this would have been possible for me. I am very proud to work for this company and truly love coming to work here everyday,” states Ryan.

“We would like to congratulate Ryan Patton on winning our Rookie of the Year award. Ryan has showed continuous improvement since he was brought into our Sales department and we are expecting great things to come. He has become an asset for Europa and has been instrumental in the growth of the Central Florida market place. Ryan fully understands the value of relationships and his role in the Europa family. We are looking forward to his growth and future success here at Europa,” states sales manager Justin Weeks.


Kevin Landry

Field Consultant of the Year Award:


The Field Consultants of the Year Award was awarded to Connecticut’s Kevin Landry. This award is based on total stores and gyms visited, new accounts opened, increase in sales of visited accounts, and best communication inside and outside the company.

“I was shocked to win. We have grown our Field Consultants staff with a lot of quality people in the past years so to be recognized is a tremendous honor. Europa has such high standards and to know that I’m contributing to that level of service makes me feel great,” states Landry.

“We would like to congratulate Kevin Landry on winning Field Consultant of the Year. Kevin was placed in the northeast to help customers succeed by having that one on relationship that a Field Consultant can provide. Kevin succeeded by helping Europa open many new doors in 2009 as well as increasing sales in that region by more than 30%. Kevin embodies what the Field Consultant position was based on which is building relationships and helping customers elevate their business,” states sales manager Rick Hurd.


Marc Jacobs

Linny Mac Humanitarian Award:


This is the second year for the Linny Mac Humanitarian Award. Named after Sales Consultant Lin McAteer, who passed away in 2008. Lin did many noble activities; more that can be mentioned here but a few notable stories include anonymously paying for a disabled boy’s gym membership who couldn’t afford it. Another story was when Lin heard of a gentleman who had a history of drug and alcohol abuse and started training at one of the gyms where Lin was a member. Lin started training and counseling him. The gentlemen beat his addictions and ended up becoming a minister. Lastly, Lin had over 30 gym memberships when he passed. A testament to the fact he always believed in “paying it forward” to his customers, friends and people he didn’t even know. Based on these qualities, the inaugural Linny Mac Humanitarian award was awarded to Sales Consultant, Marc Jacobs. Marc has embodied many of the traits that the award was founded upon.

Marc won the award based on selfless giving to victims of Katrina, family members and family friends and asked that the details of what he did be kept private between himself and the Europa Sales team. The end result is that if he saw a need, he immediately acted on it and helped those closest to him and those he didn’t even know.

According to Eric Hillman, Europa Sports CEO, “Giving comes from what’s in the soul and not necessarily what’s in your pocket. Marc has exemplified the traits that the Linny Mac Award was founded upon.”

From Marc himself, “I must say that my family and I are deeply moved and honored by this award. After my name was announced as the winner, I immediately had this feeling of gratitude. Lin was so grateful everyday for not what he had, but what he could share and do for others. I want to share this award with my wife April for being the force behind all the great things our family does. April, no different than Lin always puts herself last but this award proves that in putting yourself last, you actually are No. 1 in everyone’s life that you touch.”

Marc Jacobs

Kevin Landry, Ryan Patton, Mike Thornton and Marc Jacobs

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